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Hum frescoes
The oldest and most famous frescoes are kept in the small church of St. Jerome at the Hum cemetery. These frescoes dating from the second half of the 12th century are a very rare example of Byzantine painting in these parts. Fragments of The Annunciation are preserved on the triumphal arch, on the southern wall was the cycle from the life of Christ where only a detail of The Visitation has been preserved, while on the northern wall the following details from the cycle of Christ's Passion remain: Last Supper, Juda's Kiss, Crucifixion, Deposition from the Cross and The Entombment. In the lower part of the northern wall is a preserved fragment presenting images of the martyrdom of St. Lawrence.
The painted walls have been inscribed with numerous Glagolitic graffiti, among them is the famous Hum graffito.

The Romanesque small church of St. Roch in Roč has an apse painted with two layers of frescoes: the older layer dates from the 14th century whereas the younger one is from the second half of the 15th century. The older layer with hagiographic scenes belongs to the Italian Trecento, and the younger layer is the work of an unknown Friulian master of the Renaissance presenting Christ in Glory and the Twelve Apostles.


After the artist dressed as a medieval painter takes you several centuries back in time and get you acquainted with Istrian frescoes, you'll have an exceptional opportunity to try your skills in fresco painting. In the unique atelier of that kind in Croatia, the frescoes you paint with the help of the artist you may take home as a precious souvenir. 

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