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Buzetski dani

Buzetski dani

A successful tradition of car racing in Buzet dates from the early fifties, when a group of enthusiasts decided to organize a racing event.

Up to 1972, when Auto-Moto Society of Buzet was founded, car enthusiasts beneath Cicarija worked in various inadequate conditions, which demanded additional involvement in preparations of events. Nevertheless, they always strived to do their best and fulfil the given tasks. The end of the seventies marked the coming of the new, young generation, potential competitors and organizers, who began taking care of the events anew, within the event of “Buzetski dani”, the Days of Buzet. At first, the events had the nature of touristic, rally ones, of both national and international character. The races took place all around Buzet and were open to everybody. Little by little, the small events were replaced by one – bigger and more significant. As it was estimated Buzet had the best possibilities for organizing such an event, the local race took over.

Along with the “higher dosage of enthusiasm”, which is very often necessary in organizing such an event, the team from Buzet left nothing to improvisation. They visited the event on Pohorje, Slovenia, which was famed as the best organized event in ex-Yugoslavia, and witnessed the challenge first-hand. They remembered well all they had seen and transferred the knowledge on their home-town.

On the 5th September, 1982 the first hill climb race took place on the track 4209 metres long, from Most to Svi Sveti. For the Buzet Car Club, this was the best prize for their ten-year work. There were 105 drivers in four classes, which was quite a number for the then- championship. That year, the newly organizers got a prize for organising a successful event. The Yugoslav Car Federation gave prizes to Buzet organizers again in 1983, 1984 and in 1985. To this day, the organizer’s shelves are full of cups and medals, the last one to arrive for the last year’s event.

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