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Interesting facts

  • Interesting facts
  • Interesting facts
  • Interesting facts

Interesting facts

Stjepan Konzul Istranin, the first translator of the New Testament into Croatian was born in the Old town of Buzet, near the parish church of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Buzet is well known for the production of beer "Favorit" in its brewery (BUP).

At the southern side of Buzet is St. John's spring: owing to its pure and clean water the construction of the Istrian waterworks began here in 1930 and consequently the water supply system for nearly entire Istria.

Replica of Gutenberg's printing press is exhibited in Roč, visits are possible by appointment.

The oldest cannon, Venetian bombarda from the 15th century is displayed in Roè near the summer stage.

Hum has interesting town gates made of copper with large handles in the shape of ox horns. Specially attractive are the 12 medallions, called calendarium representing characteristic activities of each month of the year.

The oldest brass band in Istria dates from 1905. The Music society "Sokol" was founded and is active even today.

Istrian Sahara – Piski - marly areas without any vegetation can be seen on the slopes below the villages Prodani and Krušvari.

The largest linden tree in this part of Istria is in the small village Slum, north of Buzet.

Breathtaking view of a hundred villages of north Istria from the bell tower in Vrh.

Minjera (Italian "miniera" - mine) – the oldest bauxite deposit in Europe. In Istria, below Sovinjak in the Mirna valley bauxite was mined 400 years ago and was used for the production of vitriol and alum.