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Founded as an Illyirian settlement, it grew into a Roman castrum. In the Middle Ages, it transformed into a fortified castle, separated by walls and defensive towers and Small and Large Gate. During the 15th and the 16th century, Roč was the centre of Croatian literacy, editorship, and printing based on the oldest Slavic Glagolitic Alphabet.

Roč lies 10 km east of Buzet.
This hilltop town surrounded by defensive walls was mentioned as early as 1064.
One of the most important medieval monuments is the Romanesque church of St. Roch. The church interior is decorated with two layers of frescoes: from the 14th and 15th century.
On the wall of the church of St. Anthony is an inscription known as the Glagolitic Abecedarium, one of the most significant proofs of Glagolitic activity in Roč. The third church in Roč is the parish church of St. Bartholomew with its organ.

With the aim of preserving Glagolitic heritage the "Small Glagolitic Academy" is organized here every year where 6th grade pupils from all over Croatia participate. The Academy is a Glagolitic script workshop mainly intended for pupils who wish to learn more about this unique Croatian script and its heritage.
In 2000 Čakavski sabor from Roč (association active in preserving cultural values of the Chakavian dialect) realized a very significant project, enriching Roč with the replica of Gutenberg's Glagolitic printing press. The author of the project is prof. Frane Paro, and the replica can be visited by appointment, tel. 00 385 (0) 91 567 9520 (Katedra Čakavskog sabora Roč).

Roč is also the town of music amateurs. Organized by the local cultural association "Istarski željezničar", every year in May Roč hosts the international festival "Z armoniku v Roč" which brings together players of diatonic accordions known as triestina.
An ideal place to end your sightseeing tour of Roč is Ročka konoba (Roč Tavern) where you can taste various local specialties. 


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