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About truffles

Truffles are a group of underground fungi with a very specific taste, which are considered the ultimate in gastronomy. They grow in the very heart of Istria, in the damp and grey soil of the forests near Buzet, close to the Mirna river. This hidden treasure is found with the help of specially trained dogs.
The area that is rich in truffles is in the northwest to Buzet and Lanišæe to the Raša river in the area of Labin and south to Pazin.
In the valley of the Mirna river the highly-prized and world-known white truffles are harvested in early autumn, as are black truffles found both in winter and summer.

White truffle Black truffle 
Tuber magantum  15.9. - 31.1. Tuber melanosporum  01.11. -15.03.
Tuber borchii 15.1. - 15.5. Tuber brumale  01.10. - 15.03.
Tuber asa  15.1. - 15.4. Tuber aestivum 01.05. - 31.10.
  Tuber mesentericum  01.09. - 31.04.
  Tuber macrosporum  01.08. - 31.12.
  Tuber uncinatum  01.09. - 31.03.
  Tuber maculatum  01.09. - 31.12.


Pokazno traženje tartufa

If you want to experience truffle-hunting and find your own truffle, contact one of the below mentioned companies and arrange a truffle-hunt. Your kind and friendly hosts, will tell you the story about truffles and together with them you will set off on a truffle-hunt.


1. Karlić tartufi - GIR d.o.o.,

karlic tripadvisor

    Paladini 14, 52420 Buzet,

    Tel. 00385 (0) 52 667 304

    Mob 00385 (0) 91 579 7016


2. Natura Tartufi d.o.o.,

    Srnegla 21, 52420 Buzet,

    Mob 00385 (0) 98 435 269


3. Prodan tartufi,

karlic tripadvisor2018

    Praščari 43, 52420 Buzet,

    Mob 00385 (0) 91 551 2796



Companies for purchase and sales of truffles and truffle related products

GIR d.o.o., Paladini 14, 52420 Buzet, kontakt tel. 00385 (0) 52 667 304 ili GSM 00385 (0) 91 579 70 16.

Miris Istre d.o.o., Riječka ulica 3/1, 52420 Buzet, kontakt tel. 00385 (0) 52 662 444 ili GSM 00385 (0) 91 609 62 44.

Đulijano d.o.o., Puhi 54, 52420 Livade, kontakt GSM: 00385 (0) 98 224 109.

Natura d.o.o., Srnegla 21, 52420 Buzet, kontakt GSM: 00385 (0) 98 435 269.

Prodan tartufi, Praščari 43, 52420 Buzet, kontakt GSM: 00385 (0) 91 551 2796 


Truffles Weekend

UThis event takes place on the first weekend in November, after the All Saints Day.
Participants of this sales exhibition which is held in a large tent, in the very center of Buzet, are companies registered for the sales of truffles, as well as numerous producers of autochthonous products (honey, cheese, olive oil, wine, brandy, mushrooms, biscuits) from Buzeština, but also from nearby. Apart from the gastronomy offer, there is also a cultural and entertainment program with the sounds of local instruments triestina, bajs and vijulin.



Giant omelet with truffles

In 1999 Buzet was proclaimed the "City of Truffles". Motovun forest, is the largest area rich in Istrian white truffle (tuber magnatum), this valuable and highly esteemed fungus whose value is measured in grams. It has a specific smell, somewhat unusual shape, but is exceptionally aromatic and tasty. In addition to the white truffle this area is rich in other species of black truffles (Tuber Aestivum Vitt, Tuber ubicatum, Tuber melanu sporum).
Every year, the second weekend in September, before the feast of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary (Day of the City of Buzet – traditional Subotina) a giant omelet with truffles (over 2000 eggs and 10 kg truffles) is prepared on Fontana square in a pan of about 1000 kg, measuring 2.5 m in diameter. This marks the beginning of Truffle Days in the Zone of truffles. The season of white truffles lasts from September to the end of November, which is the ideal time for your palate to taste this delicacy. Black truffles are harvested from January to September.

«Tartufo vero»

The club of quality restaurants and taverns "Original truffle - Tartufo vero" consists solely of restaurants from the enchanting Zone of truffles, restaurants and taverns that greatly respect both truffles and their guests. Among the many catering establishments offering truffles we have singled out three owing to the quality of presenting and serving truffles, finding a perfect wine match for each truffle dish, knowing all species of white and black truffles, as well as special seasonal truffle menus. The following restaurants in the area of the City of Buzet have acquired this title:

Gostiona Toklarija, Sovinjsko Polje 11, 091 926 67 69

Restoran Vrh, Vrh 2, tel. 00385 (0) 52 667 123.

Restoran Stara Oštarija, Petra Flega 5, Buzet, tel. 00385 (0)52 694 003.

It is important to mention that other restaurants and taverns of Buzeština also offer truffle dishes on their menu.